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About us

CARITAS – College of Social Work Olomouc draws on the biblical clause "Deus caritas est" (God is love). By the spirit of that clause we mould the personalities of our students into theory equipped and practically skilled social and humanitarian workers.


CARITAS – College of Social Work Olomouc offers to its students:

▪         high-quality theory preparation grounded on up-to-date scientific knowledge  as well as the timeless wisdom of the millennial Christian tradition of service to one’s neighbour in need

▪         practical experience acquired at a number of varied workplaces within the Czech Republic and in more than 40 countries across 4 continents

▪         spiritual, ethical and moral support and background for personality growth

▪         friendly fellowship of those united by the goal to help and serve others

▪         extracurricular activities that provide space for the realization of students in areas of their interest


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