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Monuments of Stories

The Monument of Stories


When you enter the freshly restored courtyard of CARITAS - College of Social Work Olomouc on Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), you will spot a unique monument. It is a monument built up of numerous stones from various corners of the world where our students have set out for their placements. Each stone represents one difficult life story which the students have come across during their travels.


As the students, the joint authors of this collective work, have pointed out, it is not an ordinary monument. Every single part of it is interlaced with human suffering, pain and tears, but also solidarity and hope springing from assisting one's neighbour. The monument is the one place where stories of people from all corners of the world can meet. What makes the non-conventional monument even more original is that its dimension grows year by year and will never be complete, just as our care for other people shall never cease.


The monument, which is also open to the Olomouc public, should continue to remind us that the lives of suffering and needy people even in seemingly remote places of the planet should be our concern, that we carry these places within and that they are constantly present in our lives. Year by year new stones are added by students returning from their placements.


There is also an interactive form of the project, too: the individual stories, represented by the stones, are published on the college website in order to become a distinctive document of the lives of the people that once crossed the life paths of our students and which in this way also become a part of the history of the City of Olomouc.


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